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Shout It Out Loud,
a Christian Contemporary -Rock  CD written by Larry Kane, is a blend of musical styles, and ranges from rock, to grungy rock to R&B, to southern gospel and reggae music. It contains songs about life, songs about love, music about hardship, and songs about Jesus Christ. The Christian rock band "Larry Kane band" is a group that performs these songs as well as other great Christian music. Larry plays saxophone, guitar, keyboards, wx7 wind synth and sings in the band. Visit the member's page for info about the other players. Siol (shout it out loud) currently plays concerts and ministers in the northern Ohio and Cleveland area.

 God rocks! Why shouldn't we?

Welcome to the Shout IT Out Loud Band
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"Your music doesn't sound like anyone else, it sounds like Shout It Out Loud"- Glen Mertz, WHK radio
"Very nice"- WITR radio Rochester
"Great new sound" House FM radio, Ponca city Oregon
"Awesome CD"- KROZ radio New Mexico 
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